Managers and Management Companies

At some point in your musical career, you will confront the decision of where or not to hire a management company. A manager can either be your band’s best tool for success or it’s worst nightmare. Which company to hire should be carefully considered, because you and your management company need to have the same goals in mind for your band. It is also important for you and your manager to be on the same page when it comes to how those goals will be achieved. In a good manager/band situation, you and your manager will be working closely together on a regular bases, especially early in your musical career. An otherwise good relationship could be ruined if each of you does not understand and agree with the expectations of the other, or if you have radically different ideas about how your goals will be achieved.

What A Manager Does

At the most basic level, a manager is an adviser. Managers give advice about all areas of your musical career. As a new band starting out, a manager can help you develop a marketable image and an effective stage presence. New bands often need help determining what material, and how much of it, should be included on a CD. Managers can be an important asset when it comes to evaluating the quality of your recordings. If you have an inferior CD , your manager can help you get to a good producer and get a good quality recording. Once this is in place, your manager can help further your career by shopping your recording to record labels to help you get a record deal, working to find other distribution channels for your recordings and merchandise and trying to get radio airplay for your band.

As you become a more established band, your manager will help you evaluate the opportunities that come your way. Not every offer or opportunity should be accepted. On the other other hand, there are other shows that the band may not want to play that would be good for the band. A good manager can help you to know the difference.

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