P O Mnisi Ndiza

R15.99 R9.99

Artist : Po Mnisi

Song : Ndiza

Genre : Soul Music

Label : Godgiven Prevails Productions

Year : 2020



Phiwo Mnisi is a  Christianity, Swati born guitarist, pianist, song writer and afro soul vocalist. He was born on the 15th December 1995. He grew up in a rural area called Nkhaba in the Kingdom of ESwatini. “I started music when my mother discovers my talent, she bought me a guitar at an early age” . He said. I then started joining music groups at school and one pastor discovered my talent also he invited me to play piano for the church, he said. Phiwo Mnisi has done his first single titled Tfumela with SubJamz (the producer for tigitigi hit maker by Sands).He says he believe that the message will be heard in the nations that understand his language (siSwati). I can’t talk a lot and I’m shy but I can express myself through music.


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